Emerging Preferred Option

March 2021


The consultation period for the third non-statutory public consultation is now open. Meath County Council and Fingal County Council in collaboration with Transport Infrastructure Ireland, have extended the online virtual public consultation until Thursday the 22nd April 2021.  

We invite the residents of the local area, members of the public and interested parties to participate in the consultation on the Emerging Preferred Option. For more information please use the link below to access our virtual public consultation room.

The information displayed at the third public consultation can be downloaded HERE.


Virtual meetings can be arranged with the project team through our virtual public consultation platform, these meetings are to take place on weekdays, during normal working hours.


During this public consultation we are inviting feedback on the Emerging Preferred Option. Submissions can be made online through our virtual public consultation platform or by making a submission by email or post.


Within our virtual public consultation room there is an interactive map where you can view the Emerging Preferred Option in more detail, for ease of access we have added a link below to bring you directly to the interactive mapping. Within the map you can also enter your Eircode or Address in the search icon at the top left-hand corner of the map.

Disclaimer: The Emerging Preferred Option shown at the third public consultation is a work in progress and is subject to further change / refinement as the Option Selection Process advances.